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Welcome To John Hubs Monetary Company Limited

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Buy Quality Undetected Counterfeit Money of Different Currencies Online From the Most Trusted Wholesale Dealer In Fake Bills that looks exactly like the government money. We sell different currencies including; Australian Dollars, United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euro, Great British Pounds, etc. We carryout the most discrete delivery of counterfeit money without any police interference. Our goal is to set equality in the use of money. Contact us today and free yourself from all financial stress.



We are the best and Unique producer of Super Undetectable Quality Counterfeit Banknotess. Our team of technicians and specialists produce Super Quality Counterfeit Banknotes of top quality and grade, fake notes that match the uniformity and identity of original notes  for all currencies that when tested by money detectors stay unidentified. Our bills contain special security features as that of originals and contain modern holograms and security threads.


Jakes Thompson

A text in the morning to let you know within an hour of your delivery.and that’s what happened a nice polite driver came right on time.excellent service.

Bernard H

Quality tested, it’s the real deal. Fast shipping, product as described, perfect stealth. Thanks!

Catherine J

Excellent, received in expected time, great security.Hope to do business again

Ivan T

Excellent service. Pick up happened as arranged. Great price for postage. It was delivered as soon as I was notified,