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The Cost of Buying Counterfeit Money Online.

The Cost of Buying Counterfeit Money Online.

Buying Counterfeit Money Online is good and bad. It is good when you contact the right person.

Also, the cost of Buying Counterfeit Money Online is bad when you contact the wrong person.

When you are searching the Internet for bargains, you often see opportunities to really save some money.

The Internet is a great tool for digging into stores that you’d never see on the street.

Some things about Buying Counterfeit Money Online

  1. Supporting organized crime.

One of the benefits of buying counterfeit online is that you as an individual or an organization can organize crime.

While this might not seem like an obvious benefit right off the bat, many of the groups involved in counterfeiting do this as a sideline to other parts of the operation, like drug trafficking or prostitution.

Buying Counterfeiting online is an obvious choice and oftentimes less violent than other business lines.

2. Great Return-Policies And Customer Services Follow-Through

Perhaps it goes without saying, but counterfeiters online operate from disposable websites.

Buying counterfeit online also can be of great risk as both the seller and does not know each other.

For both customer service and product reliability.

If it happens that the product even arrives, it may not be exactly what you wanted.

Sadly you may want to go back to the site and complain and maybe find out that the site no longer exists.

Means Used By Counterfeiters in Buying Counterfeit Money Online

  • The use of improved E-commerce technology

Instagram’s check new checkout feature is a prime example of how counterfeiters are now able to cunningly find their target audience and strike a sale.

This is successful through sponsored Instagram stories. And the added benefit is that they benefit after 24hours.

This time-lapse makes it easy for counterfeiters to advertise their knock-offs, with little chances of getting caught.

In 2016, Ghost Data reported that up to 20% of posts about top fashion brands on social media that were analyzed were featuring counterfeit and/or illicit products.

In their more recent report, they found over 1.6 million Stories every month that was blatantly advertising fakes.

The platform recently reached the 1 billion monthly user mark, giving these modern counterfeiters an audience that only seems to be growing in strength.

Which will undoubtedly generate more counterfeit fashion manufacturing.

Quick Insight

Also, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms.

Tt enables counterfeiters to be able to sell counterfeit money online with ease.

Their first contact with their customers online is usually on WhatsApp which is a very easy means of communication.

Almost 57% of counterfeiters choose it as their commercial instant messaging tool to communicate with their customers.

The end-to-end encrypted security proves to be virtually risk-free for counterfeiters to sell their counterfeit money online without any fear.

The absence of regulations and third-party monitoring makes it an ideal platform for counterfeiters.

This makes it next to impossible to locate the counterfeit culprits.

Furthermore, All you need is a phone number to create your account, which can also be changed quite easily.

Another prime advantage of instant messaging their prospects is that communication is direct and personal.

Being able to speak to someone directly about the item they’re buying builds trust and a sense of accountability as they need not fear.

This is due to the fact that throughout the entire process, someone is at hand to answer any questions.

The messaging strategy also gives customers an opportunity to negotiate prices.

Also, it enables the room to ask for pictures and anything they feel fit to say directly to the seller.

2. Easier Payment Methods

Things like WeChat Pay have set the trend for social media platforms to enable direct payments.

with Instagram implementing it in June 2018 and Whatsapp testing a similar feature recently.

Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption gives counterfeiters an array of opportunities at hand.

This usually happens if they aren’t tracked down previously on social media or on traditional e-commerce platforms.

Also, we have trusted and protected payment methods like Paypal that are used by more than 35% of counterfeiters to buy Counterfeit Money online.

This makes it an easy choice for the buyer and almost impossible to retrace, as it too is encrypted.

Also, this provides potential buyers with a sense of security when purchasing goods from counterfeiters.

Which in turn plays a big part in their ever-growing success.

Instead of having to pay commission to e-commerce sites.

the conversational e-commerce strategy for counterfeiters means that they are able to pocket 100% of their sales revenue.

thanks to protected payment platforms such as Paypal.

These secured payment options have also helped counterfeiters give a message of trust to their client base.

Paypal for example, has a ‘Pay After Delivery’ option, giving buyers more confidence when buying counterfeiters’ products.

Of course, these online payment methods have a strict policy regarding this criminal market.

But tracing back to their origins can prove to be tricky. Also, Each aspect of their counterfeit strategy is seriously encrypted.

3. Conclusion

Counterfeiters benefit perhaps even more from the new tech improvements than the original brands themselves.

Furthermore, e-commerce platforms now prove to be a riskier choice for counterfeiters, as better measures have been put in place to tackle counterfeiters.

Most social media platforms have not yet been able to crack down on counterfeiting effectively.

The advantages which favor counterfeiters are clear: 3D printing is making counterfeits almost unrecognizable.

Also, they have apps with end-to-end encryption, direct contact with end customers, and simple protected transactions.

As the global online community grows alongside the soar in tech solutions for brands to sell their goods effectively.

Also, Counterfeiting products can only grow in strength if it is not effectively addressed by brands.

Reasons Why Selling Counterfliets Money Online is Becoming Easier

  • Production methods are giving rise to a better quality of fakes.
  • Widespread use of social media has greatly helped counterfeiters’ ability to promote their sales of counterfeit money online.
  • Also, Following WeChat’s lead, instant messaging and social media apps are adding payment functionalities.
  • Moreover, the delivery and payment methods make it easier for potential customers to trust counterfeiters. check out our available bills

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